Saturday, 24 September 2011

summer tan

(summer '11 in chronological order)

besties by the beach

a few of many who set up camp early for the 4th of july. gasworks park.

girl waiting for the fireworks

4th of july fireworks as seen from gasworks park

the walls of my dorm room in seattle. this may have been sunrise or sunset, i'm not too sure (though i think it's the former)
taken with my iphone 3gs camera

my little sister in my old room, eating ritz and doing homework

in the name of curiosity (and boredom) i ferried to lamma island and hiked from one end to the other. it took around an hour and was pretty neat- can i just say they have so much seafood it blows my mind. seriously.
yung shue wan, lamma island

sok kwu wan, lamma island

sok kwu wan, lamma island

i hiked up to the peak galleria and took this, hong kong at twilight

me in shanghai

there you have it, little parts of my summer in snapshots. sometimes i get tired of lugging remi around and just shoot iphone pictures haha. speaking of which, i still need to do that shoot entirely on my cellphone camera..which i will. but i suppose we'll have to leave it for another day.


  1. I am stunned by these photographs, Wendy. I love them all to the moon and back twenty thousand times

  2. also, I don't understand how to follow blogs! please help? xx


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