Tuesday, 18 June 2013

the start of summer '13

 the forestry above and around golden gardens beach for a huge end of year bbq

luiza at our friend mike's birthday party


the lovely willa


willa and mike

hiding out in one of the bedrooms

the morning after

pictures taken from the end of prefinals week to the end of finals week. hopefully i'll get to blog and perhaps document this summer more, it definitely helps being around so many friends who are fellow photographers. haha. i've spent the end of this week meeting people who i've only known by name online. it's so surreal to be able to meet so many incredible and talented people.

i'm leaving this sunday for san jose, and from there, i'm going to be at stanford university taking summer classes and doing an internship. this hasn't been the first time that a summer has just fallen into place naturally but i love it. i already have more photos that i plan to put up! talk soon. 

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