Tuesday, 27 March 2012

spring fever

a highway near the hotel i stayed at

street vendors

ice skaters at lloyd center

looking out of a coffee shop window in pearl district

 autumn and her mum, victoria

trying to find our way around

 getting back and finding seattle like this, beautiful


 roses from a shoot

 denny building. me trying my new 35mm 1.4 lens out.

 sometimes the sky outside my window looks like this

 matt cooking dinner

the forest next to his home

traveling to vancouver, british columbia

my grandpa, 88 years old

the street next to their apartment. the light always shines so brightly over there, it's such a contrast to seattle.

 playing lion king sing-a-long in one of the disney stores

 my grandma

grandpa to the left, grandma to the right. taking me to the bus station back to seattle.

 the quad when i got back to campus. it's pretty crazy how fast sakura bloom, i think it took probably less than a week..

me and matt's dinners. so healthy it's actually ridiculous.

and now i'm back to school! had my first day of classes today. i'm actually looking forward to this quarter a lot actually. better weather so i can run more, brighter skies so it's easier to shoot outside. etc, etc :)

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