Friday, 2 November 2012

the pursuit of happiness

rokas while he was still an alive, breathing, sentient creature

i suck at blogging. you know, i'm pretty sure i'm one of the worst creative writers out there. not trying to fish for compliments- i mean it. there are people out there who can spin incredible tales with only a few words, placed in the right order (haikus, anyone?) but me... i just write whatever's on my mind.

the campus quad bathed in golden sun

today was a good day. i don't know why exactly, because it should have been the exact opposite; i barely got any sleep the night before and literally fell asleep in psych discussion. but sometimes i get these random flashes of pure contentedness. i don't know if i'm the only one. does anyone else get them too? where you can be doing the most random thing; nothing even slightly extraordinary; and suddenly feel like everything is going to be okay. like all your stress just melted away. it's kind of like a runner's high, except i was only hanging up my clothes when it happened. i just felt..happy, all of a sudden. haha. i sound so nutters. but whatever.

outside the living room window

but in other news, i'm currently taking a french and a philosophical psychology class amongst others. i like the latter, it really makes you think about things like human nature from a variety of perspectives. it's so nice to be able to listen to other peoples ideas in class. suddenly i don't feel like such an oddity for thinking about existentialism, the human soul, etc etc i won't bore you too much, haha. but i do enjoy that class a lot. even if the reading is like hieroglyphs 99% of the time.

rokas passed away after a few days of being sick. i wish i was a better pet owner so i could've healed him up in time. but i guess every experience is a learning experience. tu me manques, et je t'adore avec mon cœur tout, mon petite ami. this is how i last saw him.

the lovely eleanor petry

double rainbow. from my living room window.

sometimes it's so hard to achieve a balance in living. the right amount of time spent studying, hanging out with friends, exercising, photographing. i wish i could photograph all the time but i can't, i've hardly picked up my camera all quarter. and i wish i could go out and explore seattle like i did in freshman year with my friends but sometimes i can't do that either. school can be so restricting sometimes. but i think that's just because i'm terrible at time management..oh well. maybe i need siri (just kidding, i switched to android and only carry my old iphone around for instagram now.) anyways. until next time, whenever that may be.

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