Tuesday, 30 August 2011

tracing the lines

self portraits i took today.

Saturday, 20 August 2011


at last, friends, i can finally say that my first year at college is complete. what's college like, some of you may wonder? some of you may already know. well, this i can tell you- it's what you make of it. i know people who have used the time to begin the tedious process of 'growing up', while others are content to bask in the moment and party at every opportunity. the best part about it is definitely the space you acquire. no, not literally, for the dorm rooms tend to be rather tiny (especially if you have the misfortune to land yourself in a triple).. it's the chance for you to choose what to do with your own time.

my friend chia-pei

what i am trying to get at here, the point of the story, is to use your time in college (with all its' glory of being free of the parentals) to figure out who you are. now some of you may laugh and think to yourself, 'i already know who i am! i'm going to grow up and become a __(insert desired career here)__.' but just take a moment and consider if this is what you really want. is it your dream or your parents'? is it what you want because of  what you'll probably get paid? because i can tell you here that there is no point at all spending almost every day for years on end, doing what you don't love. chase your passion and take risks. i wanted to become a photographer so, so badly and i thought there was no way that it would ever happen. but i learnt that almost always, you have to go out there and actively look for what you want. i got asked to become a paid photographer for one of the best model agencies in washington because i went out there and emailed the agent first. if you want something, then know that (as scary as it may be) you are the one who should take the first step.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

sirens of the sea.

modeled by the lovely and brave: 
gabriella @ SMG
taylor @ muse model management

a huge thank you to gail shamon, a good friend/model/photographer, with whom i collaborated on for this shoot.
and a similarly huge shoutout to gail's mum, who was willing to drive us all the way to cannon beach. and get us ice cream.

it was a great day, we had a bit of trouble with a few saltwater leeches snooping under the sand but everything turned out okay in the end. wishing we could have beaches like this in hong kong or seattle but hey, at least you appreciate it more when you finally get there :)

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

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