Saturday, 24 December 2011

storm upon the shore

major props to both the model and the makeup artist. it was SUCH a cold day haha. also, a huge thank you to elizabeth (emily's mum) who ferried us between locations and starbucks :)

hopefully i'll be able to edit the photos from winter break (though i'm still shooting them so maybe not for a few weeks), there are so many amazing memories that i want to share! i just landed in california yesterday night. from honolulu. my parents decided to buy a house in irvine so that's where we (me, my brother, aunt and uncle, and cousin) are staying right now. it's a little sad though, i thought my mum and sister would be here but they're not- oh well. family reunion another time i guess.

have to go christmas shopping today! i need to stop slacking haha....

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