Tuesday, 28 June 2011

a fleeting glimpse

for anyone who doesn't go to the u of washington, i took the last of my spring quarter finals the week before last. it was on a thursday. relatively late, so most of my friends and floormates had already finished, packing up whatever belongings they had brought and collected over the year. moved out.

i had one week of relative freedom before summer quarter started. it was nice, not to have to cram and study every day. not that i did, but hey, it counts to have tried, right?

a few months ago i had applied to work at a company called sharpshooter imaging. i've been working for a couple of weeks now. it's pretty simple, we take pictures of tourists who go on 'ride the duck' tours. it's actually pretty fun. i've met some interesting characters, and no, not all of them are coworkers! you'd be surprised how amusing some of the tourists are. it's pretty good because there are almost always little children present and i've made it a hobby to make all sorts of odd faces at them, haha. it's entertaining, what can i say!

summer quarter has just begun now. we're in our second week. i'm taking only one class- psych research- because of my job. i'm also trying to find time to do more shoots and meet people. hopefully i'll be able to go mountain climbing and possibly skydiving in the coming weeks. there's no better time to live a little than summer.

i'll blog more though. not just pictures, but words! now that i actually have the time to write them. pinky promise.

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