Sunday, 24 April 2011

the days are getting warmer

today seattle had a day that reminded me so much of summer. i went around pike place market with a couple of friends, walking around the fish shops that sold shrimp cocktail and fat salmon that sat on shelves of crushed ice. we ate fruit logs and piroshkies and drank icy chocolate frappacinos while on the bus to the beach (where we then had ice cream, which was pretty yummy. just saying).

it's nice having occasional days like these, warm and lazy and full of contentment.

duck and ducklings swim by


  1. is there a place where you put all your pictures? i see your pictures scattered everywhere like your MM, could we see it in a reel, can you upload all your pictures? like top 8 from every shoot?

  2. just wondering, why don't you make a facebook group?

  3. what lens do you use? can you upload more pictures on your flickr? i bet you will be popular on flickr :)


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