Thursday, 8 April 2010


model: sue chang

taken somewhere on the road to the peak with a disposable camera

so i emailed a photo agent a few days ago, he called me and said we should meet up sometime to review more of my work. i'm excited! i might be an assistant photographer to one of the more 'professional' ones, which is at least a bit of a start. the only thing i'm having a bit of trouble now with is.. time. current list of commitments: service on saturday (saturday), soccer (monday, wednesday, friday), soccer community sports leader (saturday), and schoolwork (any hours leftover)




  1. great shots! that's amazing you can get that level of artistry with a disposable camera. don't let anything get in the way of your dreams.

  2. these are beautiful and mysterious
    you're so lucky! you've got to start somewhere, and being an assistant is a huge start :)
    keep us posted!


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